Tuesday, 26 March 2013

All Good Study Bugs

 ...are outside.    

Lots of sunshine
A Bottle of water
A sprinkle of coconut
One banana
A few almonds
And a mini-sized strawberry marsbar!

I am continuously reminding myself that when you need to hit the books (study) for a few days straight, that it is super important to take regular breaks. Not only for your sanity, but also to reduce stress, refresh your oxygen supplies and get the blood flowing around your body again.

Today was lovely outside and instead of torturing myself i decided in my break from study to soak up some sun and remind myself of the little things that make me happy. Above is a little recipe for all you study bugs to try!

xxx Brooke

Monday, 25 March 2013

And now for a long wordy post

Starting with some pretty flowers

Soo... my blog has appeared on 3 other blogs for the Liebster award (not sure what that means...) by three beautiful people Courtney of Pillow Castles , Sarah of The Good Life of Sarah and Karenn of Anti in the Middle ! Everyone one reading this should click on the links and check them out!

Since answering 33 questions would turn into a really long post, i've decided to choose the most interesting questions combined from all 3 of their posts.

Firstly, some random things about me

* I think lower case letters look prettier *  I can play the trumpet pretty well * I hate crossing the road at traffic light because i feel like everyone is staring at you * I am OBSESSED with sunsets (good thing i live near the beach) * ... i live near the beach * Those small 'card only' stickers on envelopes sadden me a little * I paint my nails every 3 days * I collect movie tickets and stamps * my best friend is also my boyfriend * I have an unhealthy addiction to pancakes * I hold onto things for too long

Now for the combined bloggers questions!
1) Which shop is the majority of your wardrobe from?
    I like to shop at less well known stores but to be honest and good 40% of my wardrobe is   from Australian brand Forever New

2) Is there a celebrity you are sick of hearing about?
    Yes! Beiber this.. Beiber that! Really don't care for Justin. I agree he has a talent but i   don't think anyone should be in the spotlight that much

3) Favourite song?
   Is a cover of Beyonce's Crazy in love, check it out it's not what you expect

4) What situation do you see yourself in 10 years time?
  Living in the house of my dreams, with the man of my dreams with 3 little kiddies running        around

5) Who inspires you the most?
   My mum. Hands down the strongest women i have ever met and she inspires me to   always push through

6) Who is your best friend?
 My boyfriend and thats how i know we will always be lucky in love

7) Where do you want to visit the most?
   New York

8) Trousers or skirts?
   Skirts because i'm the girliest of girls

9) What job did you want to do why you were younger?
  I wanted to be a doctor...and turns out i might be one day!

10) Are you a morning person?
   Yes, on the weekends

11) Favourite beauty product?
   Nivea Strawberry lip balm

Blogs that i want to answer the questions below

-What nail polish colour/brand is your fave?
-Favourite song?
- Book you are currently reading?
-A name you would want if you didn't have your name?
-Favourite drink?
-If you could change one thing about the world it would be...?
-If you could change one thing about your past it would be...?
-How do you make other people happy?
-A non-fail way to make you laugh?
-Secret obsession?
-Explain 3 little gestures that actually mean a lot to you and why? (e.g. someone holding the door open for you)

Thanks for reading! feel free to answer these questions even if your blog isn't mentioned here, just let me know so i can check out your page!

xxx Brooke

Thursday, 21 March 2013

What's Trending

Soo my latest distraction over the past week is an absolutely addictive app called Trendabl

It is very similar to the well known instagram except it is purely centred around fashion, hair and make up. It is super easy to search for photos' based on brand/label or type of clothing (e.g. dresses) or even by colour.

I use it mainly as an inspiration journal. I 'like' a picture and then look back at it while shopping for my new wardrobe (...well... maybe just a new outfit since i am living on a uni students pay-check at the moment).

Many celebrities also have accounts, although i prefer to follow less well know individuals who have their own style that you don't see everyday.

If you have an account on Trendabl, leave your user name below so i can check it out!... Or if you know of any other apps that deserve more credit!

My username is Brookeamanda  

P.s. It is free to download!!!

xxx Brooke

Sunday, 17 March 2013

What I dream about

Health, fitness and that breathe of crisp early morning air.
Source: Tumblr

I would be a morning person if my bed wasn't soo comfortable.

A couple of years back i was at my peak fitness level. I was playing netball 3 times a week, sport at school and running some evenings with my sister. Everything i did had a movement to it, a little dance, my own way of expressing my use of space. And although nearly every day my body ached with some kind of new pain or stretch, it was the good kind of ache, the one that makes you want to jump that little bit higher, run that little bit faster, breathe that little bit heavier and push your body to the limit.

And now..

Now some years have passed and I'm well into my university degree spending more and more time researching health and disorders of health from behind my computer rather than actually implementing that word 'health' into my own lifestyle. This makes me sad. I want to be at my peak again and i know i can achieve this but it is going to take some super duper motivation and a 'no-excuses' mentality!

I am posting this here to hold myself accountable.

I WILL strive to be the best possible version of myself and i WILL achieve my dreams of health, clean eating and an enjoyable fitness routine.

If you know of a fitness motivation blog that you think is amazing please post a link below for me to check it out as i haven't come across any yet!

xxx Brooke

Friday, 15 March 2013

Jewels upon Jewels (Ways to Procrastinate no 1)

Diamonds, Rubies and pearls... these are a few of my favourite things...

Thank you all for the lovely responses to my last post. Its joyful to hear that people in the blogasphere are coming across my page!

While procrastinating today i decided to reorganise my ever-expanding jewellery collection (time well spent).

Anyways i thought i had some pretty nifty ideas that people may not have heard/seen before so i took some pics!

Scroll down !

Above are my big and bold earrings. This little tray lives in my draws so that when i open the draw and not looking around for pairs or backs of earrings.

Where did i get the tray from you ask? 
Well it is actually from an old box of chocolates! Heard of Ferrero Rochers? 
Obviously i didn't eat all 36 myself....hmm..

This here is my arm candy collection.
I have put all my bracelets around the neck of a thrifted blue bottle and then poked some fake flowers into the top.
I think it gives an extra girly feel but i love it mainly because it keeps my bangles neat and untangled.

They look soo pretty so of course i had to display them!

I used to get soo frustrated when my long necklaces got tangled! So much so i never used them. Until i found this helpful little felt coat hanger with hooks that is actually designed for mens ties!

Now i think my necklace display is one of the prettiest things in my room! Try it out!

Lastly is my cute little ring holder. My aunty gave me this small swan years and years ago and my mum only just point out that it is actually meant for rings- how amazing! Im sure you could get one similar if you look in secondhand or homeware stores.

That is everything for now!

Comment below with a link to your blog post if you have done one on jewellery organisation.

xxx Brooke

Thursday, 14 March 2013

BIG love for BIG Lush!

If you recognise this product straight away chances are you love LUSH just as much as i do! Yay for LUSH!
If you don't have a clue what this is a picture of then let me introduce you to Lush's famous BIG shampoo!!

I have been using BIG shampoo for 10months now and onto my second tub.

Why do i love it so much? Because i have oily hair! 

This shampoo is very drying (but that's a good thing for me!) so it can be a little scary to use... but not to fear just dab on a little Moroccan oil after your shower and your hair will be healthy and clean for days.
I usually have to wash my hair every second day but whenever i use BIG i don't have to wash it for 4 days min.

What you can see above is grains of sea salt which is the main ingredient and is responsible for giving your hair lots of volume. To tone down the volume i usually straighten my hair after.

The pic on the right shows you how much i use for one wash (and i have long hair). Combine this with running water and you will work up a beautiful lather that smells like the sea!

Some people love BIG and some people are not soo fond of it (read the reviews on the lush website). I think it is the perfect now-and-then shampoo and if you alternate it with a more moisturising shampoo you will have the perfect combination

Lush Website   so you can check it out :)

Let me know if you have tried BIG!

xx Brooke

Nail polish i'm wearing: Flashbulb Fuchsia by O.P.I.

Hello Sunshine!

How easy it is to forget the demands of the year ahead when I'm being teased by such views

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Awkward First Post

Hey there,
My name is Brooke and welcome to my tiny piece of the Internet!

To be completely honest with you, the idea behind this blog is to ‘creatively procrastinate’ while I complete my honours year at university. Pretty dumb idea hey?...

...Not entirely though, because really, when it comes down to it, we all must chase the things which spark passion and happiness in our lives. And although my university degree does do this (at times), I also feel like I need a creative outlet where I’m not bound by word limits, referencing, formalised text and the opinions of my supervisors.

Hence the blog.

A big thank you goes out to my boyfriend who struggled through an hour-long conversation with me trying to put things into perspective. You always have encouraged me to follow happiness (which is why I follow you around hehe).

So yeah, welcome!
Stay a few seconds or stay the whole day.

xx Brooke