Tuesday, 26 March 2013

All Good Study Bugs

 ...are outside.    

Lots of sunshine
A Bottle of water
A sprinkle of coconut
One banana
A few almonds
And a mini-sized strawberry marsbar!

I am continuously reminding myself that when you need to hit the books (study) for a few days straight, that it is super important to take regular breaks. Not only for your sanity, but also to reduce stress, refresh your oxygen supplies and get the blood flowing around your body again.

Today was lovely outside and instead of torturing myself i decided in my break from study to soak up some sun and remind myself of the little things that make me happy. Above is a little recipe for all you study bugs to try!

xxx Brooke


  1. I'm so jealous of the weather over there! It's freezing and snowy over here :(


  2. I'm jealous, jealous, jealous!!!! We have loooooots of now at the moment but there should be spring... :/
    Great pictures they Looks so sunny ;)

  3. Dont be too jealous guys! our winter is just about to start :(

    but yay for scarves and coats and winter fashion!!


  4. Looks like a great way to de-stress! We are moving back and forth between winter and spring here, so I'm ready for it to be warm more than one day a week lol

  5. Grate looks! I followed you here in blog, hope you follow me back! Nice day!
    Keep in touch. Greetings from Moscow!

  6. New follower! Love your blog
    Would you mind checking mine out? hope you follow back


  7. Thank you new followers!

    Of course i check out everyone who comments!

    Have a lovely day

    xxx Brooke

  8. So jealous of the sunshine! We're currently in summer and have had no sun yet and we probably won't get any either boooo xx

  9. Hi Brooke! Thank you for following :o)

    I'm really bad with breaks when it comes to study or report, but you are absolutely right, breaks and yummy food will keep the stressors at bay! I did my Psych thesis a while ago, it felt like a rush that lasted a year, everything just came and went. All the best with your paper, you'll be a fantastic psychologist [I can tell because you eat healthy AND delicious ;)]!