Monday, 25 March 2013

And now for a long wordy post

Starting with some pretty flowers

Soo... my blog has appeared on 3 other blogs for the Liebster award (not sure what that means...) by three beautiful people Courtney of Pillow Castles , Sarah of The Good Life of Sarah and Karenn of Anti in the Middle ! Everyone one reading this should click on the links and check them out!

Since answering 33 questions would turn into a really long post, i've decided to choose the most interesting questions combined from all 3 of their posts.

Firstly, some random things about me

* I think lower case letters look prettier *  I can play the trumpet pretty well * I hate crossing the road at traffic light because i feel like everyone is staring at you * I am OBSESSED with sunsets (good thing i live near the beach) * ... i live near the beach * Those small 'card only' stickers on envelopes sadden me a little * I paint my nails every 3 days * I collect movie tickets and stamps * my best friend is also my boyfriend * I have an unhealthy addiction to pancakes * I hold onto things for too long

Now for the combined bloggers questions!
1) Which shop is the majority of your wardrobe from?
    I like to shop at less well known stores but to be honest and good 40% of my wardrobe is   from Australian brand Forever New

2) Is there a celebrity you are sick of hearing about?
    Yes! Beiber this.. Beiber that! Really don't care for Justin. I agree he has a talent but i   don't think anyone should be in the spotlight that much

3) Favourite song?
   Is a cover of Beyonce's Crazy in love, check it out it's not what you expect

4) What situation do you see yourself in 10 years time?
  Living in the house of my dreams, with the man of my dreams with 3 little kiddies running        around

5) Who inspires you the most?
   My mum. Hands down the strongest women i have ever met and she inspires me to   always push through

6) Who is your best friend?
 My boyfriend and thats how i know we will always be lucky in love

7) Where do you want to visit the most?
   New York

8) Trousers or skirts?
   Skirts because i'm the girliest of girls

9) What job did you want to do why you were younger?
  I wanted to be a doctor...and turns out i might be one day!

10) Are you a morning person?
   Yes, on the weekends

11) Favourite beauty product?
   Nivea Strawberry lip balm

Blogs that i want to answer the questions below

-What nail polish colour/brand is your fave?
-Favourite song?
- Book you are currently reading?
-A name you would want if you didn't have your name?
-Favourite drink?
-If you could change one thing about the world it would be...?
-If you could change one thing about your past it would be...?
-How do you make other people happy?
-A non-fail way to make you laugh?
-Secret obsession?
-Explain 3 little gestures that actually mean a lot to you and why? (e.g. someone holding the door open for you)

Thanks for reading! feel free to answer these questions even if your blog isn't mentioned here, just let me know so i can check out your page!

xxx Brooke


  1. I collect movie tickets too, high five girl :)
    Followed you back on GFC

    Simonè, XO

    1. Yay go us! :)

      thanks for checking out my page!

      xxx Brooke

  2. Thankyou for nominating me! I may do this again very soon ~ I think a round 2 is needed so thanks!

  3. You're so lucky having the best friend as your boyfriend :). perhaps a Boyfriend Tag in the future? ;)

    Thank you for nominating me <3
    But what are the rules..?
    Your questions are interesting! I'm gonna write a post asap :))

    1. Normally the rules are..

      1) Share 11 things about yourself.

      2) Answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated you asked.

      3) Choose 11 bloggers to nominate, as long as they have under 200 followers too.
      4) Come up with 11 questions to ask the 11 people you nominate.

      5)Thank the person that nominated you and include a link back to their blog

      BUT really the rules are do what you want because its your blog! ;)

  4. Thanks for the mention lovely!

    I will answer your questions on my liebster post! xxx

  5. Wow a doctor, very impressive ambition! And I envy how close you are to a beach, very lucky :) Thanks for following lovely, do enter my jewellery giveaway if you fancy it! xo

  6. My beau is also my best friend. My mom is my strength. Cool post. Thanks for the mention girly! So, shall I do this as a Leibster tag or Long Wordy Sunflower tag? hehehe Maybe I should make a new Leibster icon or do you think that would be breaking blogger world rules? :-)

    1. Haha i dont mind what you call it :) after all its your blog so you can write what you like i guess.
      Im new to blogging so i dont know if there is any unwritten rules?


  7. Glad I found your page, you sound lovely! Thanks for the follow back & for entering my facebook jewellery competition!

    Amelia mays jewellery

    1. thank you for checking out my page!!
      cant wait to find out the results of your competition!

  8. Thank you for the mention I am honoured that you chose me :o)

    I love your answers. I love that row of bottled flowers!

    I am staring out my window at the most beautiful pink/orange hued sunrise and thinking of you <3 As I was reading about your sunsets the sun came up here.

    Jac x0x

    1. thanks! the pic of the bottled flowers is actually from my 21st birthday! i used them as decoration around my back yard and have had them sitting in my room ever since :)


  9. Thankyou for nominating me anyways. It really means a lot. It is a high praise indeed. So I would like to thank you. Nice blog. Subscribing!

  10. I like your Idea of the combination questions as I have gotten a few nominations as well & I swear I really do want to do this I just have been busy so I might borrow this idea :)
    Thanks for the nomination I may have to make time to do this tomorrow :)