Thursday, 25 April 2013

How to wear glitter nail polish

If you're like me and love all things sparkly, then chances are you have tried your hand at glitter nail polish (pun fully intended)

Personally, i quickly discovered that although i love the glint and sparkle that results from subjecting a whole hand to glitter nail polish that it just isn't for me. Too much attention is drawn to the hands, not to mention glittery nails arent as versitile when it comes to matching your polish to your wardrobe.

Soo being that i still love a bit of sparkle i had to find a solution.
I managed to tone down the glitter and discovered a few different ways to wear glittery nail polish. I have even worn them to professional meetings at uni!

1) The Accent Nail
      A personal favourite,  sometimes i even sprinkle on real glitter!

2) Gradient Glitter Nails
    For an extra WOW factor. Silver and pink is always a winning combination in my eyes.

3) French Glitter Tips
   For an added bit of fun in your next french manicure.

Image courtesy of oh my nails

Let me know below your fave ways of wearing glitter polish or if you are game enough to wear it all over!

xxx Brooke

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

M.A.C versus Australis : Liquid Eyeliner edition

Soo...a few weeks ago while i was on holiday i decided to treat myself to a visit to the MAC store and picked out their liquid eyeliner in Rapid Black. For the rest of my holiday and for about 1 week after it worked perfectly and was easy to apply.
However, in recent times it has not been doing the job. I'm not sure if it's because i have used it all up or it has dried up??

Since i had fallen in love with liquid eyeliner but out of love with MAC's version, off i went to my local Priceline to purchase another liquid eyeliner for comparison and picked up one from Australis ($10.95)


Above is the applicators for both eyeliners. The MAC sponge is definitely easier to use as it is very thin and can get super close to the lash-line. Using the Australis sponge almost always results in a thick application-even with my steady hand.  However has a richer colour payoff as can be seen in the swatches below.

As you can see in this swatch there is a huge difference in blackness? (ive never done a make up review before so not sure what the right words are). Using the MAC liner required a lot of encouragement to even reach the two faded lines on the left. 

Above is me wearing the australis eyeliner to create a winged effect. The colour is definitely strong and managed to stay this way the whole day- yahoo!
Below is a very disappointing attempt with the MAC liner (sad face). I know it is a little older than the Australis but really i feel if i'm paying $34 for eyeliner that it needs to last more than 2 weeks...

So for now i'm using the MAC sponge and dipping it into the Australis liquid although i think i would be happy enough to just use the Australis one altogether.

Has anybody else come across any disappointing MAC products?
I need to know! as i am going to get my makeup done there next week and don't want to purchase products that aren't worth it!

See my past review of Lush's BIG Shampoo

xxx Brooke

Nail polish im wearing: O.P.I Elephantastic pink

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Poppin' Tags (Thrift shop adventures)

Okay so I acknowledge that was a lame choice for a title but hey it seems appropriate 

I handed in a major assignment a few days ago so I allowed myself a day of total freedom-
What do I decide to do? Shop of course!
I decided to hit up the local second-hand stores not just because I'm a broke uni student but mainly because there is something just soo exciting about walking into a store full of products that you have never seen before and that you probably won't see elsewhere.      Cheap prices are just an added bonus i guess.

Here is what I picked up.

Both above dresses were $6 (Portmans and Dotti ) and both are super girly and floral-just my style! The more formal dress down below was $10 (pricey, pricey I know!) and I plan on wearing it to my next dinner date with the BF.
My MOST favourite purchase was these safari style shorts by Something Else. I don't know the normal retail price but I'm pretty sure it isn't $4 (which is what i paid!!)  

Important Tip: all good thrift shoppers know that you MUST keep an open mind... or else you will miss some hidden gems.
This striped knit top would not normally be my kind of thing but once I tried it on, I was hit with a wave of ideas on how to style it (such as in the first photo of this post)

A $15 short coat and two, $6 chasmere scarves to get me through the coming winter. (I didn't realise they were chasmere until i got home and read the tags!!)

Next, jewellery finds...

I actually ended up giving this little blue rope bracelet to my sister (brownie points!)

Lastly, a CD for the drive home (how could I not? it was only 50c) which is now my favourite driving music!! and a little metal jug which I will use to make coffee.

Who else loves thrift shopping? Comment below with a link to your hauls!

xxx Brooke