Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Finished Thesis

I'm Back!

Hello! Guess what?! I have finished my thesis as well as my university degree ~ horraah!

I am soo ecstatic to have my life back and the feeling of freedom that comes with no longer having deadlines to meet is just amazing!

Thank you to those whom have left friendly messages of encouragement over the past few months! They were definitely appreciated during the tough times.

While i was away my blog reached 100 followers! Thank you so much, i will be checking out everyone's blog and leaving messages very soon.

Also during the time i was gone, one of my previous posts has spent sometime circulating Pinterest, which is so strange to me that people are interested in reposting something i wrote, but at the same time is the biggest compliment! So thank you to whoever started this! 
OOTD before my LAST exam
Can't wait to start chatting to you all again!

xxx Brooke